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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> good morning these top stories. few the wife is to testifying of mirkarimi and we will bring you the latest in a live report from this homeless encampment clearing. >> and the bay area weather warmed up. james fletcher? >> good morning. we can see all for san francisco and the east bay. it is beginning to stretch into the inland communities. with areas of drizzle here, there. areas that we have been waking up to. sunny, warm. the afternoon highs will get into the 80s for the afternoon areas and even
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overnight. we will see what the weekend is looking like. >> we are waking up to a surprise-free drive. a bit slow here. >> thank you. this developing story out of san jose. they are poised to enter kelley park. this is near the stadium. and we are waiting for will tran the recent fires have been possibly blamed by these homeless. >> other stores the wife of
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suspended sheriff, mirakrimi she was called to take the stand just before 9:00 p.m. last night. this central portion of this case is why she made this video. it was shot by the neighbor, a medicine. >> when he grabbed my arm i said stop. and when he came inside of the home i said stop right now.
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but the ethics commission is weather or not to see if he should be removed. >> will tran?
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>> good morning. they do not know if these suspicious fires have been caused by the homeless encampments. they want these homeless people out there could be at least a dozen of people here they will come in and starting at 7:00 a.m. but they have been told for the past several days. that they have to get out of here by 7:00 a.m. if not they will be possibly arrested. at the very least they will dismantle their living structures. and they will get a reaction from the homeless but they have no other choice. we will see how the city reacts.
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>> thank you. other stores that we are watching. a higher opening expected. right now all three indices are in positive territory. weekly jobless claims actually increased. 386,000 filed. existing home sales and also morgan stanley earnings lower than wall street expectations. and those of j.p. morgan will expect to release their report. verizon showing an increase and also microsoft. honda impacts 166,000 and
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6200 of the driver's side the inner door latch could not work if the locks are used and shot, simultaneously. these recalls will begin next month. >> ford is telling some buyers of the 2013 to not to drive it because the engine could catch on fire. and i they could crack and leak the fuel line. this just before it cylinder engine. just impacting--the four- cylinder engines. with
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reports of fires and thankfully, no injuries. many will get repaired even before they are sold off the car lot. >> this crash sent people to the hospital from dismantled wreck. this plain clothes officer noticed a driver driving erratically. when a patrol car attempted to pull over this cart there was a short chase. and the car continued and id and it collided with another car. the suspect got out of the car and ran but he was detained. >> a quick break with this live look outside on this thursday morning. an excellent start to the day. this warm up beginning.
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>> welcome back in the san francisco and was a dead after he was shot and killed for attacking a co- worker at a chocolate factory. this was yesterday at pier 17. this was not provoked but the description of what happened. >> the employee was cleaning machinery. a box cutter was
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used he blocked it, defensively and was hit on the arm. >> a construction worker next door witnessed the incident. police ran towards the financial district until they were stopped by the officers. he lunged towards the police officers and police officers opened fire. first infections of west nile a virus found in a croat and in aland and a crow ad an owl. prevention crews will be out from 1130. it is
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this area in brentwood. this live look at the bay bridge it looks like the cash lanes are backing up. however, looking at oakland with clouds more sunshine expected. mid-60s. nearly 70 degrees.
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because lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime, calcium and rust... lime-a-way is a must. >> welcome back. across the nation there's a massive drought wreaking havoc to the midwest. raising concerns over farmers this is the largest since the 1950's. no relief in sight. some farmers are fearing for their long-term survival the obama administration is calling on congress to provide assistance. >> back at the bay area this live look at the fog but there could be changes. >> james: good morning we can take a look at that quick look. delays at sfo already 73 minutes. arriving
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flights. san jose and oakland itself are okay but keep this in mind. the golden gate showing low cloud coverage across the span with mild temperatures. here is where we are on the thermometer. opportunities in san francisco. concord, san carlos and livermore. that is where these temperatures are with relatively dry conditions. the same cannot be said for portions of the state. the satellite and radar showing some more easter. towards the sierra nevada. and near southern california. remnants of what was fabio.. there is moisture out there. >> as for temperatures? we
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are looking for new in. more 80s inland and the south bay. here is your three day outlook. ahoy look for upper 80s with 90's for the weekend. >> good morning. let us take a look with no hotspots. a smoot commute. it is going to be a bit heavy near the toll plaza. these are the cash lanes. this is one the metering lights are typically activated. then this ione this is when the meter
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and lights are usually activated at the san mateo looking decent. the golden gate is also looking glitch. as we continue our bridge check no problems north bound, southbound. the traffic sensors showing some slow conditions eastbound. the westbound 580 is heavy through livermore. and the same tour antioch on highway no. 4. a little bit slow near the san jose section. and a little bit slow near the civic center. lucas valley road is where is it could start to get bogged down. >> a controversial bill financing the high-speed rail. this is a much-needed
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upgrade for the transportation but a $68 billion price tag is concerning. >> compton, calif. the latest city to file for bankruptcy. they could run out of money by the end of summer. this is the third city in california to seek the financial protection of bankruptcy they have speculations of not being able to meet payroll expectations. this could be deferred since last month
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following stockton. and the second largest in the nation. the city is facing a budget deficit of $2 million. >> contra costa sheriff's deputies are resting the connection of the killing of trisa maderos the autopsy shows that she died from asphyxiation and blunt force trauma. the rich and a fight. he is on a $1 million bond. >> a san leandro woman could of tracked down the woman that burglarized her home. from craigslist. her home was robbed. jewelry, and a computer were taken. she later found those items on craigslist. and then an undercover officer posed as a buyer.
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>> this major saying that the country is not on a track for peace. neighborhoods around damascus are still being tracked this is the fifth date and damascus. rebel forces killed the minister killedassad... we will be right back as the morning traffic continues. 54 degrees. a few degrees warmer with 60s expected to.
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this system is reportedly still unreliable. >> when an officer uses this microphone we want to make sure that his colleagues can hear him, dispatched can hear him and that help is on the way. in very simple terms to not have confidence in the radio systems. when they use the microphone, talking to a dispatch or seek help we do not know if it is going to work. what happened is that
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they put a digital platform on top of a very old infrastructure it only not only puts the officer in danger but the citizens in jeopardy. slow response time to services, 911 and could impact life-threatening situations. these problems have been documented and the city will take steps to improve the communications systems. >> children and not ready perhaps for school but parents will spend an average of $689. that is up from last year with a $30 billion in retail sales. this will be spent on clothing. $217 = electronics. schuss = $129 retailers--shoes. this is
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merely just as profitable as christmas. >> " madman " showing the most nominations. others include donton abbey and ' it will be on september 23rd. we will be right back as this live look continues over the bay bridge with some fog. taking a look at the markets. we will see if these will continue. our
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>> lopez tested for a least 30 minutes last night just after 9:00 p.m. and the clock is ticking to evict the homeless. they plan on clearing all these squatters near kelley park. >> unemployment increasing. but the markets are opening on the positive side. as we look at the opening bell. futures up. we will follow the latest wall street and seeing if this rally will continue. also we are looking for a rally of temperatures. with weather &
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track. >> yes we are looking for temperatures to increase. for the weekend it will be great. today, it is going to be a nice afternoon dry, warm with the temperatures in the 80s. that fog is expected to burn off. tomorrow a gradual warm up. saturday & sunday. a full look at your forecast, coming up. >> good morning. this quick picture of what is going on a light and easy drive. no problems on 9680-san ramon valley. the east bay with the exception at 580. through the south bay or the peninsula it is also light. >> thank you, george. time is moving out and running out for this homeless camp. this is near coyote park and kelly creek for eviction
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notices were posted after burglaries, trash and there has been a string of grass fires. we will continue to follow this story as this continues. the more testimony from the wife of a suspended sheriff's mirkarimi she suspended for at least 40 minutes. she returned from her native country, venezuela. this video shows her crying after a bruc bru---she said that this is an old boys' network. and they will
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protect themselves. so, you have to make evidence and you need something to protect yourself. in case you get into a custody dispute. >> the campaign manager did most of the test of vacation. >> police in vallejo looking for these suspects using pepper spray to help with their getaway. this man and woman took merchandise from safeway and kohl's this woman used pepper spray. there were seen driving away in a black convertible. one
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of these suspects was killed and this is video of the attempted robbery from may 30th at this was from the goldn treasure this man is wanted for robert, false imprisonment and he faces murder charges because there was a shooting involved with this crime. >> the latest from kelley park. sheriff deputies are going to clear up the homeless encampment. well? >>reporter: they should come in and around 8:00 a.m. and the homeless were told to leave at 7:00 a.m. and in 25 minutes they got the message and jose. your thoughts.
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about what is happening. >> i have been here for one year. >> has there been any problems? >> not before this fires started. they were given notice. >> he is talking about that there have been seven fires. suspicious fires. but before them no problems? >> correct. when these fires started is one of these problems started. >> what do you plan to do. >> i could go to a motel and then later, housing or something. and a job. >> this will press you to get your life on track? >> yes.
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>> we wish you luck and thank you, jose. we understand your plight and they say enough is enough with these fires and the town house right next to the us. is just not say put their family and the danger. back to you. >> thank you. other stories viacom is not making any proeress with directv however they are still having difficulty coming to and if if any resolutions >>this just in to the kron 4 news room the profit fell on
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safeway. the pleasanton based company earned $123 million but comparing that to $146 million at the same time last year. and while we are at it let us take a look at the big board's. and not a bad start. >> this live look at the santa of monica pier santa monica
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>> senator john mccain is standing up against hillary clinton having ties with terrorists. this after allegations that her assistant has possible ties with terrorism. they think that this is unspecified. >> these are on the substantiated and her family and none of which has been harmed or threatened the united states in any way. >> these have no logic. they have no basis and the merit. and, they need to stop now. >> she is married to a former democratic
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congressman wienre. >> this a suicide attack happened at a bus full of tourists. six israelis, a bulgarian were killed. they had just arrived on a chartered tflight from tel aviv. the media saying that tehran was not involved. a quick break. this live look. walnut creek. we are expecting more sunshine. a 55 degrees a beautiful day. at 73 degrees by lunch. 70 degrees by noon
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home video. and also honda is recalling. >> two people are and the hospital after they pulled back that it was not safe to pursue. however and it ended up in a crash, anyway. the crash evaded police but was still a rested. >> let us take a look at the markets. rob black. with earnings coming out. >> rob yes these earnings ibm, philip morris all better than expected. verizon are trading a little bit lower but they reported a profit. let us get serious
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for a second it is not that bad. >> and expectations thought that it was going to be worse? >> people think that ibm fell apart. and they were able to even sustain a little bit longer. >> yum brands is doing great with all things considered. and china they are doing wonderful. they do not have as much success in the united states but mcdonald's is strong worldwide. >> what about spending and back-to-school. this survey showing that they are going to be spending more. and i
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am amazed that back-to- school spending is almost as significant as christmas. >> absolutely. target, wal- mart. it is increased by $85 by each family for last year. dosummer just started and it seems like it is almost over. in the next couple of weeks will start to see discounts. target, it is a spending holiday. >> taking a look at those stocks. >> super important for wall street these earnings. that first earnings it is a rush of what is to come. the
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third quarter is also an indicator for christmas shopping. >> this is a phrase that worked in previous years. and it is a bit of a cliche. how can i get two weeks' vacation? >> the last 10 years the dow jones has barely increased with the rate of inflation. with mutual funds to attract the indices we not doing that well? >> the dollar cost per average is great it is up 100 percent in three years but if you're going to purchase low and get good prices. but you are correct the dow jones has not been
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sexy. however, as an investor you have to look at it as a 40 your blog performance. and if you are and a small cap you did find or bond you also did a fantastic. but if it is not as diversified. a diversified portfolio work better. >> thank rob black. we will speak to you at 9:15 taking a look at the weather with james. >> this afternoon should be great. this cloud coverage keeping us overcast. as we glance back towards the city that cloud coverage and it is causing problems as it has at s f o. as a reminder we still have the least. 73 minutes. here is a look at
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the dealer planner. mild temperatures. breaks of sunshine. these mid upper 50s it generally. with 50s in san francisco, oakland. a bit warmer. the seven degrees in antioch you get the idea. we are solid but it is expected to warm up. gradual clearing and temperatures will be in the '60s and '70s. the green and the yellow and once we advance this towards 3:00 p.m. of warmer weather. it will be gripping the east bay valleys and also the north bay. more widespread 80s. let us take a quick look at the live look. with your coastal and bay temperatures. inland as i mentioned the 80s. we are looking for 84 degrees in sunnyvale. 80s in concord, pleasanton, livermore and antioch. that is the big picture with the 70's on the
6:51 am
north bay and the 60s in downtown san francisco. the weather today is going to be nice ones that cloud coverage breaks from that coverage. saturday, sunday will be a warmer look with lots of sunshine and even 90's. all in all, a fantastic forecast. and george? >> not too bad so far. we're not tracking any hot spots but as we check our bridges check a bit of the volume at the bay bridge. it is not as bad as you might think. it is only 11-12 minutes. the backup has not reached the 880 overpass yet. the san mateo bridge is also looking good. volume is increasing. here in the westbound with no problems page to go towards fostered city. the golden gate the 101 north
6:52 am
bound, southbound also decent. as we check the commutes in the east bay. the traffic maps showing some slow conditions in san paulo. the west still heavy towards livermore. the rest of the tribe not that bad. the 101 continued to slow down. still, traffic near the parkway. and the north bay still light and easy. >> taking a look at the struggling retailer. j.c. penney they are replacing all of its technology with this new system that will not require clark'--clerks. hopd
6:53 am
to face this of by 2013 and a baby boom at the oakland zoom. everything from turtles, lizards and very active robber otters. even kangaroos. >> we will be right back as this kron 4 morning news continues. watching the fog and waiting for the warm up.
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>> good morning and bull comeback. following the trending stories on the web. jeremy lin, could be regretting his decision. leaving the new york knicks he is forever grateful. yesterday we spoke of hale
6:57 am
berry after suffering an injury. she has been released and will continue production. >> this next story. i do not consider it having this 'my way' that all this was and northwest ohio. he posted this photograph. if you want to talk about what is trending visit my facebook page. >> to a major recalls. one involving the ford suv deck could catch on fire. and a man was shot after he was attacking a co-worker at a chocolate factory. the latest details. >> governor brown signing the controversial high speed rail construction. in the
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state of california. critics angry. we will be right back. more on these as to kron 4 news, continues.
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